There are different options for you to consider when looking for a job through Can-Tech.  You should determine which option best meets your lifestyle and career goals.

Contract – Employee (temporary placements)

  • Flexible lifestyle
  • Variety of work experiences
  • Route to permanent employment
  • Eligible for vacation pay and statutory holidays
  • Can-Tech handles payroll, including deductions and remittances
  • Can-Tech issues a T4 at the end of the year

Contract – Self-Employment

  • Register as a sole proprietor
  • Use your own name as your business name
  • Can-Tech deducts EI and CPP and remits on your behalf
  • No income tax is deducted from your paycheques
  • Can-Tech issues a T4 at the end of the year
  • We can assist you with GST/QST registration

Contract – Incorporation

  • Register and manage your own business
  • You are responsible for all aspects of running your business
  • There are no deductions
  • You have the option to defer tax payments
  • Can-Tech will execute the required incorporation documents for you, including the stamping and filing of documents
  • We can assist you with GST/QST registration, if requested

Permanent – Full-Time Employment

  • Opportunity for growth within a company
  • Eligible for benefits, pension, paid sick days, paid vacations
  • Deductions remitted on your behalf
  • T4 issued at the end of the year