RS Avionics – Electrical Technician Senior – 3rd Shift, Savannah, GA  

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Location: Savannah, GA
Job Type: Contract
Rate: $29.00

Start Date: 22-03-2021
Date Added: 22-03-2021
Status: Accepting Candidates
Industry: Aerospace
Categories: AE8b – Avionics – Electrical Tech


RS Avionics – Electrical Technician Senior – 3rd Shift, Savannah, GA

Location: Savannah, GA
Salary: TBD based on experience
Contract Duration: 1 Year + (up to 4 years)

Unique Skills:
• Installation experience preferred
• Third Shift

• High School graduate/GED
• Six (6) years experience in an avionics/electrical career field or two (2) years of accredited schooling in aviation electronics and four (4) years related experience
• A & P license, FCC license or NCATT certification preferred

Position Purpose:
Provides leadership, technical expertise and guidance while performing various operational, functional tests and repairs of avionics/electronic, aircraft equipment and systems to ensure a defect free aircraft. Provides superior technical expertise in testing, troubleshooting and repairing system discrepancies to ensure minimum schedule impact. Demonstrates technical expertise and leadership by defining and implementing process changes to reduce cost and meet schedule without compromising Safety or Quality. Demonstrates the knowledge and leadership skills required to fill in for the team leader thus ensuring that the company goals of Safety and Quality are enforced all times while adhering to daily work plans to maintain schedule requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Demonstrates superior technical skills and expertise in avionics and aircraft systems operational testing and troubleshooting. Provides direct training to personnel to support company cross-training goals while ensuring a safety conscience, quality oriented, skilled workforce
2. Teaches the installation and functionally testing of electrical/avionics components and systems per Engineering specifications, drawings and maintenance manuals ensuring a defect free system
3. Ensures quality and efficiency of all installations: troubleshoots and teaches troubleshooting processes/concepts to provide timely, quality repairs of malfunctioning systems
4. Demonstrates the skills and knowledge required to effective and efficiently repair or replace defective components and wiring to ensure installations meet conformity. Demonstrates effective repair techniques using acceptable practices including splicing, soldering and pinning of wiring
5. Oversees the performance and compliance with engineering changes and modifications as required
6. Sets up and operates necessary test equipment. Conducts functional and operational tests to evaluate performance and reliability
7. Demonstrates through diligent compliance the importance of daily logs and other paperwork. Ensures that all work performed on the aircraft is properly and completely documented
8. As required, pre-inspects work of others prior to submitting to inspection for approval to reduce rework and inspection time
9. Provides the knowledge and technical expertise in testing and maintaining test equipment and electronic systems and components as required
10. Enforces the company FOD program, tool control program, 5-S program and all safety regulations
11. Adapts to sudden schedule changes
12. Coordinates with other disciplines concerning projects
13. Where required, teaches the installation and functionally testing of electrical/avionics components and systems per Engineering specifications, drawings and maintenance manuals ensuring a defect free system
14. Self inspection capability for all avionics testing functions in applicable areas
15. In support of aircraft certification and final phase testing, may include flight tests on aircraft as required

Other Requirements:
1. Preferred proficiency in the operation and troubleshooting of other aircraft systems or disciplines other than avionics, such as hydraulics, landing gear, flight controls, environmental controls or structural installations and repairs
2. APU run qualification and engine run qualification preferred
3. Ability to read and interpret basic blueprints and schematic diagrams
4. Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language

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